AMICO Group Milestones
Our history began in 1985, when National program “Maritime Safety” was launched. Young scientists from the Mykolayiv Shipbuilding Institute participated in part of this program – “The development of instrumental means of small craft safety control”. Future founders of the AMICO Group were among them. They had been maintaining their commitment to the doctrine of continuity of the process “analysis – concept – technical solution – prototype – test – innovation – production – commissioning - maintenance”. This approach gave the research team the ability to evolve over the next years into innovative company with excellent staff of dedicated designers, programmers and technicians. At that date young scientists transformed all difficulties and problems into opportunities and best possible technical innovative solutions. They were ever-ready to conquer any challenge in the harsh business conditions of that time in order to create the group of advanced companies. And they did this. For nearly twenty years, the AMICO Group has been a unique enterprise for multidisciplinary research, developing and manufacturing of high-tech gauges and systems.

The first prototypes of the marine instrumentation systems for monitoring of draught and levels of liquid and bulk cargoes, as well as other safety parameters for small crafts, successfully passed sea trials during a few expeditions and confirmed effectiveness of impulse polymetric method. Later these systems were used for monitoring of oil products cargo operations not only in marine conditions, but also for coastal facilities.

For the first time, a polymetric signal conception, as basic idea for all subsequent technical solutions, was formulated and scientifically substantiated in the mid 80s of last century. This concept gave a new impetus to the systematic development of methods and means of measurement. On the basis of this idea the universal gauge was designed by our experts for simultaneous measurement of several parameters – separation level of unmixed environments and their temperature, density, humidity, etc. All AMICO’s methods and means of automated remote monitoring of parameters of liquid and loose media (SADCO systems series) as well as corresponding maritime control systems are patented and certified. Since entering markets of Ukraine and foreign countries, the systems of SADCO series have been operating successfully over 10 years in the oil and gas industry (petrol stations, oil terminals, gas-filling stations, factories for production of motor oils, etc.), in the chemical industry, power industry, shipyards and floating docks, grain elevators, etc. For many years, the AMICO Group is the leading developer and the manufacturer of polymetric information-measuring systems and automated control systems.

The AMICO Group as a modern progressive organization is committed to conducting business operations in sustainable manner. We work in partnership with leading research centers and industrial enterprises to develop new sustainable strategies, mechanisms, methods and practices for making economic and environmental improvements. AMICO’s monitoring and control systems help customers to use energy carriers more efficiently and maintain technological and ecological safety. Our business aims not simply on revenue generation and ecological safety, but also it is a mean to achieve a more satisfactory intellectual, moral and spiritual existence. Therefore the highest ethical standards are embedded throughout the company. Our company is continually investing in training and education to help employees achieve their full potential. The AMICO Group aims to attract and retain young talents, who will develop most sustainable and innovative solutions and will help the company to compete at the global level.


  • AMICO’s research and development group creates the next generation of SADCO polymetric information-measuring system for industrial and marine applications. It is a strong and sophisticated system. The system is based on newest innovative ideas, microelectronic components, information and measurement solutions allowing to carry out accurate and reliable gauging under extreme environment condition and to obtain complete control and monitoring functionality. The developed digital high-accuracy multifunctional gauge is the basic element of measuring subsystem. Use of the most advanced technologies has increased the system serviceability and significantly reduced installation and maintenance costs.
  • AMICO participates in the Economic Forum, which takes place in Brussels, Belgium, from 8 to 11 October, 2012. The main objective of this forum is to enhance collaboration between Ukrainian and Belgian businesses in the context of changing dynamics in the global economy. This event draws Belgian high-ranking government officials, renowned economists, leading businessmen, media, and general public. AMICO presents some of the most comprehensive polymetric measuring solutions and relevant leading-edge technologies. Participants receive detailed information on the scope of performance and functions of the latest SADCO control and monitoring systems. During the forum AMICO holds a number of fruitful meetings with representatives from leading Belgian companies. The meetings concern application of AMICO’s products and solutions in future joint projects.


  • SADCO systems have been exploited without fails for more than 10 years in the oil and gas industry in the Odessa region. But the time has come to look at upgrading SADCO systems. AMICO Group develops the upgrade preparation program and successfully implements a comprehensive solution for the large scale integration of new hardware and software components at existing tank farms automated systems.
  • At the Uzbek Fergana region reservoir parks AMICO specialists perform commissioning works and personnel training. Connection of remote technological sites to overall tank farm information system is carried on the basis of unique electronic module developed by AMICO Company. This provides an effective and high-quality data transmission from sensors to operator station. Uzbek partners are confident of the benefits of AMICO’s complete package of solutions consisting of documentation design, manufacturing and delivery, «turnkey» installation of SADCO systems, warranty and postwarranty services.


  • State enterprise «System» carries out state metrological attestation of measuring channels of SADCO system of automated remote control of parameters of liquid and loose mediums. The attestation results confirm that the level and temperature measuring channels fully comply with requirements of normative documents, technical description and maintenance manual. SADCO systems are recommended for use in their respective industries.
  • This year is significant for our company business relationship with the oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan. During the year SADCO automated remote control systems are delivered to Fergana, Angren and Pap reservoir parks. SADCO systems are intended for monitoring the parameters of hydrocarbons and oil in 90 tanks of 9-reservoir parks.


  • According to the economic results of the Ukrainian National Business Rating AMICO Group is recognized as a leader in the field of design, manufacture and installation of automated systems and awarded the National Certificate «Industry Leader».
  • Floating dock, which is built at the Kherson State Plant «Pallada» to order of Varna Odessos Shiprepair Yard (Bulgaria), is equipped with computer control and monitoring system for dock ballast system (CCS DBS) manufactured by LLC «AMICO Komplekt». The above system allows not only to monitor the water level in ballast tanks and parameters of list, trim, draft, bending and sagging, but also control docking operations in full automatic mode.


  • Advanced SADCO automated control systems for technological processes, which have been installed at gas filling stations in Odessa and Poltava regions, are successfully put into operation. These systems are integrated control and monitoring solutions that provide reliable and accuracy monitoring of main parameters of liquefied under high pressure products in reservoirs and safety remote control of technological processes including alarm monitoring.
  • After a thorough inspection of scientific and production activities of our company Russian River Register issues the certificate of recognition № 4121. The certificate recognizes the right of LLC «AMICO Komplekt» to carry out design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of automated «SADCO-Dock» systems for facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation.


  • Germanischer Lloyd renewal audit confirms that AMICO’s quality management system for the manufacture of SADCO™ systems demonstrates conformity with the strict requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.
  • Agency «Uzbekstandard» successfully carries out state metrological attestation of «SADCO-Oil» system level and temperature measuring channels under Fergana refinery operating conditions.
  • Activity on use SADCO system for on-line monitoring of quality parameters of hydrocarbon fuels (octane/cetane number, sulfur content, density) is launched.


  • For the first time «SADCO-Dock» system performs all control docking operations in automatic remote mode aboard floating dock built by Kherson State Plaht «Pallada» by order of the Emir of Qatar. According to docking test results AMICO Group receives Russian Maritime Register of Shipping certificate.


  • AMICO Group receives Ukrainian State patents on technical solutions, which allow SADCO systems obtain real-time complete monitoring with quality and quantity assurance of all relevant stored product parameters.
  • Technopark «Spassky»,LLC within AMICO Group is established and registered in order to enable innovation initiatives, diversification of activities, involvement of young staff in transfer of advanced technologies in the fields of electronics, programming, information technology, and computer-aided design.


  • Germanischer Lloyd completes a series of audits and certifies AMICO’s quality management system to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard for the manufacture of SADCO systems (certificate № QS-3172HH on July 9, 2004).


  • AMICO’s polymetric mobile laboratory successfully passes state metrological attestation for high accuracy measurement of oil/ liquefied gases mass (maximum relative error: ±0,13% for separate reservoir; ±0,21% for group of reservoirs).


  • AMICO enters the Russian market with installation of «SADCO-Oil» systems on Khabarovsk «Transbunker» oil terminal.
  • Start of the widespread implementation of automated control systems for technological processes (ACS TP).


  • «AMICO Komplekt», LLC is established and registered in relation with the start of serial manufacture of SADCO systems standard elements and increase in purchases of component parts.
  • During structural reorganization of production and preparation for ISO 9001 quality management certification SADCO systems delivery for the oil and gas industry is allocated in the separate enterprise «AMICO-Oil», LLC.


  • Another company «AMICO Service», LLC is established within AMICO Group to increase in SADCO systems maintenance, significant specialization and commissioning.


  • For the first time Russian Maritime Register of Shipping performs certification work for SADCO automated system for remote monitoring of ballast water level, ship landing options and stability parameters for State enterprise «Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant» floating dock PD76. The system is successfully certificated and put into industrial operation.


  • State accreditation confirms the competency of the laboratory for polymetry measurement of energy carriers parameters and physical quantities within joint venture «Polysystem» to carry out metrological assurance of polymetric systems.


  • Joint venture «Polysystem» is established and registered by State enterprise «System» as part of State Standard of Ukraine, Mykolayiv Shipbuilding Institute, and AMICO, LLC for further development and implementation of modern and advanced measuring-information systems in the southern region of Ukraine.


  • A contract for monitoring of parameters and protection state of telecommunication lines is carried out.


  • AMICO signs contract with the China State Shipbuilding Corporation, East China Shipbuilding Institute ( Jing Jiang, China) for selling «SADCO-LASCOS» system.


  • «SADCO-Oil» systems with universal standard components are first installed at petroleum storage depot of the Russian Naval Base in Sevastopol, Mykolayiv tank farm, and Odessa tank farm.


  • On March 30, 1993 “Advanced Measuring Instruments Company (AMICO, LLC)” is established.


  • First time a full-scale Load and Stability Control System (LASCOS – prototype of SADCO-Dock and SADCO-Marine systems) is presented at international exhibition «Eurofishing-92» in Bilbao (Spain) on a separate stand area of 60 square meters. Mykolayiv Shipbuilding Institute’s exhibit mounted on a two-meter seiner model in the water pool is of great interest, good press and TV. Negotiations are begun with the East China Shipbuilding Institute to conduct joint research on instrumental assurance of small crafts storm safety.


  • Decision on release of SADCO system test sample is approved after successful sea trials of first SADCO system prototype aboard lighter carrier «Indira Gandhi».


  • First full-scale sea trials of main elements of Load and Stability Control System (LASCOS – prototype of SADCO-Dock and SADCO-Marine systems) are held aboard research vessel «Delta». Unique data including small craft’s tossing and stability parameters are gathered in extreme storm conditions.
  • At the international conference on the stability of vessels «STAB-90» (Naples, Italy) the report «Instrumental Control of Stability and Operational Safety of Seagoing Ships» is presented and accompanied by a full-scale demonstration of onboard Load and Stability Control System (LASCOS) for small crafts.


  • SADCO monitoring system, based on the impulse polymetric method, is successfully used for diagnostic troubleshooting of cable networks in Mykolayiv, Ukraine.


  • The Rector of the Mykolayiv Shipbuilding Institute, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor Alexandrov first scientifically substantiates a need for instrumentation for monitoring of ship landing options on the basis of heading by him the project « Rules of Classification and Construction of Small Crafts» for River Register.
  • The industrial research laboratory «Small Tonnage Shipbuilding» is established in the Mykolayiv Shipbuilding Institute.

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