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Automation SADCO
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Automated control systems for technological processes

Automated control system for technological processes SADCO (ACS TP SADCO) is intended for monitoring and control of parameters of technological processes at the enterprises of oil and gas industry.
No industry has more demanding requirements for safety and reliability than oil and gas production and distribution. Permanent real-time monitoring of main parameters of liquid energy carriers and automated control of the technological processes are essentially important for maintenance of technological, ecological and economic safety of oil and gas terminals and plants. AMICO Ltd is now focused on the oil and gas market to develop the latest technological automated control systems in order to guarantee more safety and to help protect the environment. ACS TP SADCO is a highly reliable multi-user distributed solution that provides remote control and monitoring on objects of extraction, storage and transportation of oil and gas products.

The System provides:

  • Automated or automatic (according to specified algorithms) remote control of technological processes;
  • Monitoring of main parameters of product in reservoirs;
  • Control and monitoring of material transport in pipelines of reservoir park;
  • Audible and visual warning about process parameters deviation from stipulated values;
  • Registration and storing retrospective information of process parameters, equipment state and operator actions;
  • Comprehensive database management;
  • Testing and autodiagnostics of technological equipment state and controllers operation ability.

Our Company offers wide-ranging family of integrated software and hardware solutions for automated control requests – from development of project documentation to commissioning of the whole system.

Basic benefits:

  • High level of reliability based on applied scientific potential and long-term practical experience of research, designing and manufacturing;
  • Installation and guarantee service, technical assistance and customer service;
  • Up-to-date hardware and software;
  • Friendly operator interface;
  • Real-time monitoring and emergency alarm;
  • ACS TP SADCO is resistant to temperature fluctuation, foam presence, changing of dielectric permittivity or product density;
  • High efficiency and environment friendliness;
  • Possibility of individual software and hardware design, depending on specificity of object of automation;
  • Advantageous technological characteristics compared to domestic and international analogs, and the best price/quality ratio.

Description of system operation

ACS TP SADCO is designed as hierarchical system with the distributed microprocessor facilities. There are two basic levels in control system architecture - UPPER and LOWER levels. Upper level provides centralized monitoring of main parameters of stored product and performs remote automated control of technological processes. Lower level gathers primary measuring and indicating data, performs its program processing and produces control signals to the actuators. It also transfers indicating and measuring data to the upper level and control actions from the upper level to the technological equipment. The control of units and devices of technological equipment is based on «impulse» control principle when control signal is switched on as an impulse long enough to execute of respective command.

The lower level consists of subsystems :

  • SADCO-Oil or SADCO-LPG polymetric information-measuring systems, which provide real-time monitoring of the parameters of the product (level, temperature, volume, mass, etc);
  • Systems, which are used for comprehensive control of the reservoir stock (remotely-operated armature, pumps, refueling stations, scales, and so on);
  • Alarm systems.

The core of the lower level is formed by highly reliable programmable logical controllers. Logical controllers realize control tasks in real-time mode and follow the algorithm of the technological procedure. Controllers transfer command signals to the actuators and monitor current state of the technological equipment. Controllers are designed for multiple input and output arrangements, extended temperature ranges, immunity to electrical noise, and resistance to vibration and impact. In the lower level of ACS TP SADCO controllers produced by ICP DAS and Schneider Electric firms are used.

The upper level of ACS TP SADCO can be optimized for many functions in different forms from a single compact workplace to multi-station redundant configuration. Scalable ACS TP SADCO performance enables operator station installations to grow up from the smallest single user configuration to the largest enterprise-wide full scope system. The SADCO operator station is based on modern automation products and user-requested functional enhancements. Monitoring and control operations are realized from the computer, which is located in the operator station. Redundant (standby) computer may be set up in the operator station according to fail-safety and availability requirements. The operator station has own software (operator system). It provides all of the traditional human-machine interface functionality and can be flexibly adapted to different customer requirements. The operator system is clearly structured, ergonomic and easy to understand. System security ensured by personal user accounts with password profiles. The user interface enables the operator to efficiently supervise and control every detail of the technological process. All information belonging to the monitoring and technological control, event and alarm management, archived data, messages is structured in functional windows.

The main view of the technological representation (layout) of a reservoir park can be seen in the main window (Figure 1). The main window displays the parameters of product in reservoirs and visualizes the movement of product through pipelines when a certain valve is opened or closed. The technological layout contains control elements. It is possible to perform technological operation by clicking the mouse button on the particular control element.

Figure 1. Main window

Possible technological operations, states of devices, symbols of devices, key combinations for operations are shown in the information window (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Information window

The event log contains records about device status changes, technological operation and mode changes, actions of operators, monitored parameters reaching warning and alarm limits. The event log is shown on Figure 3.

Figure 3. Event log

The failures of technological equipment and controllers with appropriate descriptions are listed in the diagnostics window (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Diagnostics window

Hot standby

For high-risk oil and gas industry hot standby solutions are used. To secure high reliability of ACS TP system the hot standby technology is provided for computers and controllers. Hot standby technology is based on using second control system, which has configuration identical to the main control system. If a fault is detected, switchover to the standby system is triggered. Synchronization of the standby computer takes place automatically and at high speed. For synchronization the main controllers and the standby controllers communicate with each other through special communication channel. It allows standby controller to monitor the current status of the main (primary) controller. If the main controller fails, control system switches to the standby controller automatically. In the beginning of each scan of the main controller memory information and input/output states are transferred to the standby controller. Upon switching to standby, the standby controller takes over control with the updated input/output state and memory, providing a smooth transition with the minimal impact on the technological process. After switching the standby controller becomes the main one, and when the switched off controller returns to ready state it becomes the standby one. Such flexibility provides coordinated and predictable system behavior, considerably increases the system reliability and capability in real operating conditions.

AMICO Ltd is the developer and the manufacturer of automated control systems and facilities. The Company offers a full package of services, including the following: front-end engineering study of objects, working out of technical and commercial proposals, system designing and manufacturing, installation and commissioning work, warranty and postwarranty service, training. AMICO Ltd is delivering solutions and services that help our customers prevent potentional problems and increase their profitability and competitiveness.

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