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SADCO system for food industry
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SADCO systems can be used for operative monitoring/control of various loose media, such as grains (SADCO-ELEV solution is patented), flour, coal, etc.

The system provides on-line real-time monitoring and control of storage parameters (level, temperature, avg moisture content, etc) of dry bulk.

Basic benefits:

  • guaranteed explosion and spark safety;

  • external influence stability (temperature fluctuations, local energy sources).

  • possibility of operating in agressive conditions (high temperatures and pressures, acid or radioactive products, etc.);

  • use of one ordinary cable for power and signals;

  • high accuracy of measurements (up to 0.025 % in level measurements; up to 0.5 я in temperature measurements; up to 0.35 % in mass calculations);

  • overall sensor length - up to 30 m (it can be customized upon your demand);

  • distance from computer to reservoir - up to 1000 m;

  • maximum number of measuring channels per block - 255;

  • operating temperature range: from -30 to +60 ╟я;

  • consuming power - up to 10 Wt per channel.

  • price :).

The SADCO-ELEV solution can be customized according to the project specific requirements. Feel free to contacs us.

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