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Today’s high activity in the gas transport market motivates the development of safe and efficient vessel monitoring and control systems for gas carriers. Gas carriers provide gas cargoes transporting from remote production locations to distant consumers.

LPG carriers are designed to carry petroleum hydrocarbons (mostly propane and butane).
LNG carriers are designed to carry liquefied natural gas (predominantly methane).
To transport the gases in bulk, they are liquefied by applying a pressure and cooling processes separately or in combination.
Gas carriers are generally grouped as follows:

  • Fully pressurized;
  • Fully refrigerated;
  • Semi-pressurized and -refrigerated.

SADCO-GAS system is designed for automated remote control and monitoring of parameters of liquefied gas cargoes and gas carriers cargo operations. The system is customized for LPG and LNG applications. SADCO-GAS system is developed on the basis of standard SADCO Monitoring and Control System. SADCO-GAS level and temperature gauging system and the pressure sensors are specially designed to provide continuous and reliable accuracy operation in harsh environment of liquefied gas. All necessary tank information is centralized through the operator interface in the control room. This enables operator’s easy access to information critical for safe cargo operations.

Parameters under control:

  • Level of the product in cargo tanks;
  • Product temperature in cargo tanks (at different levels with calculation of average temperature of the product);
  • Gas vapor pressure in cargo tanks;
  • Volume and mass of the product in each tank and overall total mass of cargo.

The System provides:

  • Automated remote monitoring and control of product storage parameters;
  • Control of cargo operations including loading and offloading;
  • Audible and visual warning about storing parameters deviation from stipulated values;
  • Testing and diagnostics of equipment, computers and controllers operability;
  • Registration and storing retrospective information about cargo process parameters, equipment state and operator actions;
  • Guaranteed explosion and spark safety;
  • Fire and gas detection;
  • Shortened response time due to the polymetric and electronic measuring methods.

SADCO-GAS system is a complete software and hardware solution that integrates all technological aspects of LNG and LPG carriers. The system complies with appropriate safety, environmental and maritime standards.

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