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Automated remote control at gas-filling stations

Functions and application

  • control of parameters of liquefied gas under a gas high pressure;
  • technological equipment control, emergency alarm;
  • extraction, transportation and storage of natural gas;
  • refinery and distribution of liquefied gas;
  • liquefied gas stations;
  • chemical and petrochemical factories with use of technology of a high pressure;
  • capacities of storage of liquid fuel;
  • liquefied gas tankers.

Parameters under control:

  • level of a product and separation level of under product water in capacities of storage of liquefied gas;
  • temperature, weight and density of products;
  • parameters of technological and ecological safety (control of leaks and overfills).

Technical features and advantages :

  • maximum accuracy of level measurement - 1mm;
  • absolute system error of measurement of level in group of capacities - no more than 3 mm;
  • special spark-safe barrier;
  • temperature measurement accuracy - 1°C;
  • one cable line being simultaneously used for power supply, control and transferring of both
  • probing and reflected (informative) signals;
  • the forecast and the alarm system for prevention of emergencies and gas losses;
  • length of measuring transformer (height of capacity under control) – up to 30 m (under the individual order - without restrictions);
  • distance from the control room to measuring transformers(capacities)– up to 1000 m;
  • quantity of base blocks within one PC -up to 5;
  • quantity of measuring channels within one base block - from 8 to 24;
  • operation temperature range: from-30 to +40°C;
  • consuming power- no more than 250 Wt.

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