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The global energy sector is undergoing significant changes. Customers around the world are increasing energy products consumption and working together to make the transportation of oil and gas products more secure, reliable and efficient. Modern world is very largely dependent on oil and gas products carried by tankers. Ocean pollution and damage caused by tankers operations has received public attention in recent years. Public awareness has initiated worldwide development of tanker control technologies in order to maintain safe and efficient operation of the tanker. The safety factor includes methods of loading, discharging, ballast handling, and internal cargo transferring. Tanker automated control systems with these options ensure tanker’s maritime safety and reliable port operation. Therefore, the development of tanker cargo control and monitoring systems shows large progress in shipbuilding industry.

SADCO-Tank system is designed for automated remote control and monitoring of parameters of tankers cargo operations. The system is based on polymetric principles allowing to perform accurate and reliable gauging. SADCO-Tank system also ensures controlling and monitoring of the complete cargo and ballast handling process. The system is configured from basic SADCO system and vessel’s cargo management system. All monitoring and control functions are carried out by distributed processing units and sensors. High-precision level and temperature instruments are combined in one gauge. Pressure sensors, cargo level and temperature gauges are installed in tanks to measure relevant tank data. The system enables to calculate volume of stored and transferred cargo with high accuracy. During cargo operations SADCO-Tank system provides on-line cargo information, and safety of operation parameters in the current loading condition is being controlled.

The System provides:

  • Automated remote control and monitoring of cargo storage parameters;
  • Automated remote control and monitoring of cargo operations;
  • Automated remote control of on-line ship’s loading and safety parameters;
  • Remote control of valves and pumps;
  • Calculation of product volume (with using calibration charts for tanks) and mass (with data available on density of the product in tank);
  • Preliminary preparation of cargo plan;
  • Overfill protection;
  • Guaranteed explosion and spark safety;
  • Audible and visual warning about cargo operation parameters deviation from stipulated values;
  • Registration and storing retrospective information about cargo process parameters, equipment state and operator actions;
  • Interlock functions to prevent incorrect usage of equipment.

Monitoring and control operations are performed from operator station, which is located in cargo control room. SADCO-Tank software provides system’s interface functionality. The operator interface is clearly structured and ergonomic. It provides the operators with a full picture of the cargo and ballast systems during all stages of loading, transporting and discharging. The operator interface is a powerful tool to perform cargo and ballast handling operations and obtain a clear overview of tank contents with information on maximum permissible loading rates for each tank.
Cargo and stability calculation software regularly incorporates real time tank gauging data with accurate metrological characteristics. Fast and reliable data exchange is guaranteed by the high speed data communication network. SADCO-Tank system ensures real time detection of emergency parameters and effective crisis management, reducing the risk of human error.
The interface provides visualization of all important operating states with demanding customization requirements.

Parameters under control:

  • Level of the product in cargo tanks;
  • Product temperature in cargo tanks (at different levels with calculation of average temperature
  • of the product);
  • Gas vapor pressure in cargo tanks;
  • Volume and mass of the product in each tank and overall total mass of cargo;
  • Ballast tank level;
  • Cargo manifold pressure;
  • Draft, trim and list;
  • Static and dynamic stability parameters.

The hot standby technology is provided to secure high reliability of SADCO-Tank system. This technology is based on using second control system. System’s redundant network configuration is achieved by doubling each unit. If a fault is detected, switchover to the standby system is triggered. Synchronization of the standby computer takes place automatically and at high speed. SADCO-Tank system with such redundant architecture ensures trouble free performance. Also the system is reliable because there are no moving parts inside the tank and the gauge stainless steel housing guarantees safe operation in harsh conditions. The benefits of this system include lower maintenance, reduced installation and commissioning costs, greater operational flexibility.

SADCO-Tank system meets new environmental demands and assures protection of the maritime area. The system is certified and complies with classification societies’ guidelines, and fulfills the highest requirements on performance and safety.

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