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Systems of SADCO series
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Systems for
Distant (Remote)

Systems of SADCO series:
  • patented in Russia and Ukraine;
  • certified by Ukranian State Committee of Standardization , Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Donetsk explosion safety testing certification center;
  • provide high accuracy of measurements (the linear sizes up to 1mm; temperature -up to 0,2ºС; weight - up to 0,3 %);
  • simple and reliable in operation, do not require any special maintenance;
  • essentially surpass domestic and foreign analogues in economic indicators;
  • easily compatitive with other systems of automatics.

Permanent real-time monitoring of main parameters of storage of liquid energy carriers (liquid media level, level of under product water, temperature, pressure, volume, weight, octane number, a parity of prosir/butane, etc.) is essentially important for maintenance of technological, ecological and economic safety of oil and gas terminals and plants.

Systems of SADCO series are manufactured by AMICO Ltd. Sufficient reliability and long service life of SADCO systems is being ensured by the high quality of their components, their accurate assembly and continuous checking while in operation. SADCO systems provide functions of monitoring and control of the parameters mentioned above, and also may be used as a subsystem of Automated Systems for Remote Control of the Processes and for providing automatic or automated control of the technological equipment.

Principle of level measurement is based on original remote polymetric method. Superbroadband (SBB) signal in the form of a supershort voltage impulse (SSI) - (amplitude – 1V, duration - few picoseconds) is generated and emited into probe of special pattern. The reflected polymetric signal (taking into account features of distribution SBB/SSI along a measuring line) contains the necessary information,which after decoding can be used for operative estimation of the controllable parameters of storage by specialised software of the SADCO system.

Structure of the system includes : the named above probes of the primary information, which allow receiving such values as level, temperature, pressure etc., connecting cables , the base electronic block, personal computer and the software. The quantity of probes in system is not limited, the length of a sensitive element is defined by capacity height. The power consumption of the probe in a measuring mode is nearby 1Wt.

Base electronic block realizes control of probes and provides data transmission to the personal computer. Transfering of results of measurements of level and temperature, control signals , supplying energy is provided by single radio-frequency cable of RG-11 type.

Software is necessary to process measurment data, calculate secondary parameters, display on-line status of reservoir stock, realize signaling of emergency situation and store all relevant data in the system data base.

Basic advantages of systems of SADKO series :

  • modern level of hardware and software;
  • simplicity and reliability of elements and system as a whole, absence of mobile parts;
  • favourable difference from foreign analogues in cost, technical and metrological parameters, simplicity of maintenance;
  • possibility of individual program and hardware design, depending on specificity of object of automation and features of its operation;
  • external influence stability (temperature fluctuation, foam presence, change of dielectric permittivity or product density).

More than 30 enterprises and industrial objects are using SADCO systems, which are patented and certificated by the domestic and international organisations..

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