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General Structure of SADCO Systems
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Personal computer [1] is installed in the operator’s room and displays all the measured information and controls the operation processes. Base blocks [2] are connected to the computer and provide a measuring part of system. Blocks of generators [3] are connected to the base block via cable lines. The block of generators generates impulses of the measuring information which are transferred into the gauge.

Measuring Transformers or the gauges [4] are installed at the objects to be controlled (reservoir, tank, silos, fuel tank, ship tank, cable network, etc.) and are connected to the base electronic block of system via the single coaxial radio cable of ordinary type.

Universal principle of measuring (remote polymetric methood) allows to design SADCO systems within typical structure for application in different spheres of industry, transport and agriculture.

Structure of SADCO systems which are used on objects of extraction, storage and transportation of liquid and loose cargoes:
  • oil and oil products (diesel, gasoline, kerosene etc.) [ | ]
  • grains, coal, cement, ore, sand and other loose cargoes [ || ]
  • liquefied under a high pressure of petroleum or natural gas (the prosir, butane and others) [ ||| ]
  • drinking and ballast waters, spirits, acids, alkalis, other aggressive solutions [ |V ]

Gas and Oil Industry
SADCO™ Systems
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