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Principle of Action of SADCO Systems
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Principle of action of SADCO systems is based on remote polymetric method.

Superbroadband (SBB) signal in the form of a supershort voltage impulse (SSI) (amplitude – 1V, duration - few picoseconds) is generated and emited into probe of special pattern. The reflected polymetric signal (taking into account features of distribution SBB/SSI signals along a measuring line) contains the necessary information, which after decoding can be used for operative estimation of the controllable parameters of storage by specialized software.

Reflected polymetric signal comes back in the computer through the same cable line and is processed by computer software. The time of the reflected signal return is a layer function. Since impulse moves with a speed of light, no outer disturbances can affect it ( temperature drop, foam, etc.).

Software provides processing, preservation and display of the current information. The operator has possibility to observe object status in a dialogue mode and operatively react in case of emergency situation.

A number of emergency cases assumes all-around automation ( fire, overfill, etc.).

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