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AMICO LTD is one of the advanced and quickly developing manufacturers of information - measuring systems for enterprises of oil and gas industry, automated control systems for technological processes, and automated control and monitoring systems for floating dock ballast operations and ship cargo operations. An optimal range of gauges and systems designed and manufactured by AMICO LTD since many years offers to customers the possibility to choose high quality products. AMICO LTD is delivering solutions and services that help our customers to increase their profitability and competitiveness and maintain ecological and economic safety.
Among our clients there are the leaders of various branches of industries (oil, gas, shipbuilding and other), such as Lukoil, Synthes-Oil, Fergana Refinery, Transbunker, Naftogaz of Ukraine, Damen Shipyards, Aker Yards, etc.
AMICO LTD is located in Mykolayiv city – the major shipbuilding centre of Ukraine. The city is situated in the South of Ukraine not far from the Black Sea. The majority of the company staff consists of professional experienced specialists. This personnel provides customers with optimal systems in terms of design, quality, performance capability, and service. Our experienced workers carefully test all produced gauges and systems to withstand harsh conditions.
At AMICO we have also our own young highly educated and gifted research and development team. The team aims on active development of microelectronics components, information and measurement solutions. All the research trends are based on the axiomatic polymetrics paradigm with using the correlations between the science subfields. Young scientists have made great progress in creating a new digital high-accuracy multifunctional gauge for measurement of all relevant stored products parameters regardless of capacity shape and type of liquid. This development gives the possibility to obtain complete monitoring with quality and quantity assurance of stored products. Our innovative developers combine new generation gauges and measurement techniques in one system in order to achieve the highest efficiency.
In accordance with the corporate philosophy our employees are inspired to train and grow through their career. They have constant possibility of life-long learning and self-perfecting within company. By combining the unique talents and qualities of each specialist the company capability increases.
We strive to meet the expectations of customers and business partners. Our mission is to give our customers successful solutions, high quality products, excellent service, and shortest delivery time.

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